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Something happens! You must rescue your house and farm but it seems to be late! All of them are gone because of the devastating tornado. It is never easy to start something over again, but you do need to make some money to rebuild everything was once belong to you. This time you have a duck to feed and train, so one day you can put him on a race and he wins in the world competitions, and from there you will earn some money. Duck Life 1 is available to download with various competitions, ranging from small town to worldwide competitions!

duck life 1

To keep the duck’s strength and ability, you need to train him besides giving foods. The training involves running, swimming, and flying. These three things are then called the three attributes, which each of them needs to be increased through training sessions. Don’t ignore and always keep paying attention to his energy level. His ability would fall down if the energy decreases. To improve the duck’s energy, don’t forget to give him foods regularly. Speaking of the training, the better you train the duck, the more the certain attribute of his levels up. When the Race Day comes, your duck will absolutely be ready to perform in various races.

Since there are three particular attributes of duck’s training, buttons provided are different to one another. If you want to teach the duck how to run, then the Train Running button should be clicked. The up arrow button helps the duck to jump and avoid the rolling obstacles while running along the path. Meanwhile, if you want to show the duck how to fly, then the Train Flying button should be clicked. Simply you only need to press the right and left arrow buttons so the duck can fly to the right or left. The Train Swimming button, on the other hand, allows you to train the duck how to swim. The up arrow button makes the duck jump to avoid obstacles, while the down arrow button to make the duck dives under the obstacles. Let’s start to train your own duck in Duck Life 1!


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