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A game will not stop at the very first version only. Duck Life has now been developed to Duck Life 3 Evolution where players are allowed to get their duck evolved. Different stages of evolution are available in this game. The duck starts his life from a very little duck to grow like a human being that has the ability to be stronger and to run faster. Though this is merely a game, how a duck can transform his shape to be a human-like being? Probably it is because of the latest foods the farmer gives to the duck. But it is not a big problem since an evolved duck can join tournaments. Now you need to train the duck right after they are hatched ‘till they meet the evolution process. Grab the chance to beat other ducks in each tournament.

duck life 3

Like previous series of Duck Life, Duck Life 3 is not far different. Players still to teach their ducks four main things to win the competitions: run, jump, swim, and fly. Your job as a trainer is to transform the duck into the best duck in the duck racing world. Good news about this latest version is that it comes with some new features that were not launched in Duck Life 1 and Duck Life 2. In this newest version, players should choose one out of four duckling eggs, each of them is different. Each egg shows skills he will good at and skills he won’t good at. If you have chosen which duck you love, the trainings can be begun.

Duck Life 3 provides the Advanced and Professional levels, but if you haven’t reached a certain level yet, these levels are locked. Similar with previous version, the duck should be fed. Players also should keep their watches on the duck’s energy and stamina. Make sure the duck improves well so he can join exercises and races. However, unlike Duck Life 1 and Duck Life 2, this new game only displays two races, Qualifiers and Finals.


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