Duck Life 4


  • Move and Jump


Duck Life 4 comeback and bring more than before. We can say that this game is really fun. The simple graphic and easy game play makes the player able to play it for hours. There are actually reasons why we say it like that.

First, the simple game play, yet it’s very addictive. Basically, you have to control your duck in this game to win the race. The control is very simple. You just need to press one button and it’s just like that. The result, whether you win or lose, are affected by your duck ability and status. And, this is where the fun begun.

duck life 4

There are many stages you have to beat. And, to do that you must beat the main race on that stage. And, on those stages, there is training stage that you can use infinity to improve your ability. Of course, with higher ability you can easily win the race and go to next stage. And to get that, you must get through the hellish and hard training. But, do not imagine that the training will be very difficult, which is on the other hand, we can say it is. We would say it as fun training.

Every training stage consists of 4 different mini games. You must finish and beat the mini games to get ability booster. However, it will get more difficult along within the time you play the mini games. But, it’s good thing that the creator doesn’t give any game over in this minicamps. You can be beaten on the earlier stage of the training and you can try it again and again.

For some people it might get repetitive and boring. But, if you are grinder like us, it will fun to play the mini game over and over for higher ability and make your opponent on the race eat your dust. Overall, fun race game with grinding takes a bigger part here.


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  1. 1 says:

    Супер-пупер У меня уже 6 утят а я играю всего 3 дня просто КЛАСС

  2. SLITH says:

    я в шоке как можно было зделать такую замечятельную игру!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SLITH says:

    Я ставлю 5+

  4. поклоник-Игрушак says:

    я удевлён Супер

  5. поклоник-Игрушак says:

    слит ты ностоящий?

  6. SLITH says:


  7. поклоник-Игрушак says:

    А зочем тебе играть в токую мелачь??????????????????

  8. SLITH says:

    за тем я Видео снимаю

  9. поклоник-Игрушак says:

    А теперь все Ясно

  10. 1st1 says:

    Я обожаю эту Игру!!!!!

  11. та-ра-тита says:


  12. та-ра-тита says:

    Класс 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂

  13. ля-ля says:

    нет не простим

  14. ля-ля says:

    кто тут Уля???????

  15. ля-ля says:

    Лехко И Просто

  16. ля-ля says:


  17. Vova says:


  18. Jonathan Cooper says:

    Plz I need to play

  19. Математика says:


  20. Emirhan says:

    I woult play dis game

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