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Duck Life 5 is actually really fun and simple game. You don’t need to download it, because you can play it through your browser. So, it won’t take any space in your hard drive, which is good thing for your computer performance.

When you play it for the first time, you have to choose name your duck, your computer speed and your duck avatar. This is great thing, because you can design how your duck will be looks like. The graphic, honestly, is cute and beautiful. It doesn’t use the high 3D design that you usually found on the console game. And, this is also simple browser game, which mostly won’t be designed like that. But, it’s looks crisp and comfortable for your eyes.

duck life 5

Now, here comes the fun part. The game play is perfect and simple. It’s easy, because you just need to click your mouse to make your duck jump and avoid obstacle. You also can press spacebar to make your pet attack your competitor. In this game, you play a treasure hunter duck. So, you need to beat other duck to get the treasure for yourself only.

Although we say it has simple game play, it’s pretty complex, actually, especially the setting and how to make your duck become even more powerful. You can buy new stronger pet, accessories and other thing to add more ability into your duck. This way, you can easily beat the dungeon and your opponent. To get that you need to buy them with money. Don’t worry; you don’t use the real money here. You can collect them in the dungeon.

Overall, this is great game. The simple game play, cute and crisp design, plus it’s also free are the main reason why we put it on that level. Try it yourself, and you will found that it is quite addictive itself, like what happen to use.


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  1. anna says:

    Like ze good play

  2. This is a great game. Really fun and easy, and I like all the purchases for your duck.

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