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Duck Life 6 is the game where you have to make this bird fly further and higher. It’s simple concept actually, but quite surprisingly, it’s addictive. You will be challenged to fulfill the goal on each stage and make your bird become a real bird.

The game plays for this game actually pretty simple. You only need to use right and left arrow, and spacebar to adjust the speed and flying angle. You start it from the top of the hill. There is a slope in front of you and ramp on the end of it. Your character must slide from this slope and jump on the ramp. You don’t need to press button for jump. You just need to adjust the angle after you jump to get further distance and higher heights.

duck life 6

If the game play is just like that, we will get bored. But, it’s not that simple. It’s very difficult to get the far distance and complete the goal on every stage. But, you don’t need to worry. You can use the upgrade menu to add more ability and advantages for the duck. The upgrade covers everything that you need. You can upgrade your duck by adding glider and rocket for more distance and height. And, that’s not all. You also can tweak the slope, ramp, air resistance and acceleration when your duck slide down to get more power.

Every time you jump, you will get score and the score will be converted into money. You can use this money to buy the upgrade and complete the target. Actually, it’s pretty simple and easy game to play. But, it’s very interesting. For graphic quality, we can’t say it’s perfect, but for us, the game play is the most important. And, this game has good game play. You won’t get bored and it’s pretty addictive.


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    this is learn to fly not duck lie 6

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