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iPhone, Android, whatever your smartphone is, there will always be a feature called games that would like to download to at least fill the free time. Lots of games are available on the online stores for iPhone or Android users and some of them are great for a challenging game. If you are a big fan of role playing games (RPGs), Duck Life would be a perfect choice that would rock the phone! In this game, you will have a farm where you raise an ordinary duck and turn him into a racing superstar. Make sure the duck is in a good and healthy condition by training (you can do this during unusual fun mini-games) and feeding him.

duck life

Levels of difficulties are sometimes found through some RPG games and it is hard to follow especially for the beginners. But it does not apply to Duck Life. The game is designed to welcome newcomers and give further information and experience to improve skill and interests in role-playing games. Since the duck finally has turn to be a racing superstar, you need to train him via the mini-games. These mini-games are not boring, actually they are totally fun. Here the ability of the duck increases and becomes faster through the activities offered.

Don’t worry of getting easily bored once you start to play this game. Duck Life is an incredibly fun game offering so many things to do. Players can use mini-games to train their duck, test the duck’s ability by placing him on a race or buying the new gear, or pick from various options available on the shop, starting from a new hat to an egg to form a new duck. This addicting game is really good for a role-playing game. It offers a very good balance between depth and approachability. Do you want to have your own duck? Just start this game!


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