Duck Life 1 Hacked

Hack Information

  • 100000 coins after each race, doesn’t matter if you win or lose.


  • Jump


    Move left/right


Duck Life 1 Hacked, a good simple game that will give you fun way to spend your time. The game play is also simple, so you don’t need to be master in the game to be able to play this game. God, just upgrade your dude to full stats then press right arrow once in a race and you let go. He goes by himself.

duck life 1 hacked

In this game, basically, you have to train your duck, so it will become the fastest duck on the race. There are many training that involving mini games and it fun to play.

The graphic quality is pretty simple. But, that doesn’t means it is not interesting. You may addicted by its simplicity and its fun game play. Overall, it’s nice simple game to play.


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Duck Life 1 Hacked download

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