Duck Life 2 Hacked unblocked

Hack Information

  • Money: 999999999 coins


  • Jump


    Move left/right


In Duck Life 2 Hacked Unblocked you have little duckling that need to be trained so they can do what bigger duckling can do. The first training will be swimming. You must train the duckling the swimming skill and how to dodge the obstacles that you will meet on the river. The second training will be walking on the mud. If your duckling sink, it is game over for round two. You will start walking training once again.

duck life 2 hacked unblocked

The third training will be catching a prey. Your duckling will learn to climb the trees and catch the insects. The last training will be flying. Your duckling must be able to fly from trees to trees or from trees to the ground at the end of training.


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Duck Life 2 Hacked Unblocked download

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