Duck Life 2 Hacked

Hack Information

  • Money: 999999999 coins


  • Jump


    Move left/right


Duck Life 2 Hacked can be said as the easier version of the Duck Life 2 game. Like its name, it has been hacked. So, you can get lot of new and interesting feature in it.

First, you don’t need to worry about the money. You will get maximum amount of coin you can find here. Therefore, you can buy any accessories or upgrade your duck to maximum level right away.

duck life 2 hacked

However, you still need to train your duck with mini games to increase its ability. That way, it’s still fun game and pretty challenging, because you need to won the entire race to get the secret prize.


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  1. riley says:

    why dose it have 999m coins you need a max training 2

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