Duck Life 4 Hacked

Hack Information

  • Duck 1 stats

    Duck 2 stats

    Duck 3 stats

    Duck 4 stats

  • Duck 5 stats

    Duck 6 stats



  • Move and Jump


Duck Life 4 Hacked is better version of the Duck Life game. The graphic and complexity of the game play are the reason.

duck life 4 hacked

The graphic quality is definitely better than previous version. This one is more detailed, crisp and clear. It is beautiful. The game play also offers many new feature and different option. You can train your each of your duck ability that you have with fun mini games to play. You also can challenge other duck to race and get money.

Overall, this is one of great game. The hacked version also gives you nice and cool looking on your duck. So, you don’t need to buy new hair or accessories on the shop.


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