Duck Life 7 Hacked

Hack information

  • Add 1000 cash

    Add 20 bonus points


  • Control flight

    Use rockets


This is the next and better version of Duck Life. Duck Life 7 Hacked will give you complete game where you train your character to fly.

You get more glider type, more booster and rocket to choose and one more new feature is the weapon. This is also related to new challenge you can find here, which is destroying some specific obstacle.

duck life 7 hacked

This game also has new feature than make it interesting, the BP point. You can use this point to buy many new and interesting features. More than that, this is the hacked version, so, you also can use 1 and 2 button to add more money and point. All the hacks work. For the bonus point hack and the money hack, hold it then got to the bonus shop, then go back to the shop, it should work.


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