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duck life 5 hacked 8

Duck Life 5 Hacked

We can say that Duck Life 5 Hacked is one of the best games in Duck Life series. The graphic is great and game play is very interesting.

duck life 6 hacked 6

Duck Life 6 Hacked

Theres a trick to getting 6000 first one you off and your speed gose to 175 keep it like that use tiny bits of fuel only or you will use it up hope this helps

duck life 7 hacked 1

Duck Life 7 Hacked

All the hacks work. For the bonus point hack and the money hack, hold it then got to the bonus shop, then go back to the shop, it should work.

duck life 8 hacked 7

Duck Life 8 Hacked

They told me that I could never reach 107,375,182 km, But I showed them that I could reach the limit of the game!!!!

duck life 1 0

Duck Life 1

To keep the duck’s strength and ability, you need to train him besides giving foods. The training involves running, swimming, and flying.

duck life 1 hacked 0

Duck Life 1 Hacked

God, just upgrade your dude to full stats then press right arrow once in a race and you let go. He goes by himself.

duck life unblocked 1

Duck Life unblocked

When you train your duck, it’s also so much fun, because it uses mini games. If you good enough to play the mini games, your duck will get extra boost on its ability.

duck life 1 unblocked 0

Duck Life 1 Unblocked

You train your duck by playing lot of mini games to improve its ability. That way you can win the race, and make your duck become the fastest duck on earth.