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duck life hacked unblocked 0

Duck Life Hacked unblocked

Hack Information 100000 coins after each race, doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Controls Jump Dive Move left/right Description Video

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Duck Life 2 Hacked unblocked

In Duck Life 2 Hacked Unblocked you have little duckling that need to be trained so they can do what bigger duckling can do.

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Duck Life 3 Hacked unblocked

The accuracy and speed is the key to train the duckling and win the race. It is recommended to start the game in slow speed till you adjust to the requirement skills.

duck life 4 hacked unblocked 15

Duck Life 4 Hacked Unblocked

Your duckling must be the best on the final race so it can be dubbed as the champion. Since it is a competition, the numbers and levels of obstacle are more and harder.

duck life 5 hacked unblocked 2

Duck Life 5 Hacked Unblocked

Now it is time for your duckling to go back to the Volcano lands to seek treasures. There are several shops that provide tools to help your journey easier and faster.