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  • Money


    Less gravity


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Duck Life 6 Hacked basically is a game where you need to make your character fly. And, it doesn’t use its wings, but lot of flying equipment, from glider, ramp and even rocket.

This is fun and simple game to play. The control is also easy; you just need to use the arrow and spacebar. What you need to do to clear the game is the ability to adjust the position and angle your character when its fly. That way you can reach further distance and higher altitude.

duck life 6 hacked

Theres a trick to getting 6000 first one you off and your speed gose to 175 keep it like that use tiny bits of fuel only or you will use it up hope this helps

This game also has upgrade feature, so, it make it more fun to play. Great game, simple, easy to play but very addictive.


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