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Duck life 2 is the second installment of the Duck Life series, a fun game for fans of role-playing games. Here you have chances to improve the duck’s skills and place him on various races to beat other ducks. In the end, you will earn huge rewards and a remarkable new crown! For beginners, the game is not that hard to play as there are only four main things to do toward your duck: jump, run, swim, and fly. Through this game, you act as the trainer who trains the duck how to perform these four aspects via a range of training courses. The up arrow key on keyboard is used to jump, while the right and left arrow keys are used to alter directions. During competitions or just the swimming training, you can click the down arrow key for the duck to dive under the water.

Duck Life 2

Once you start the game, training the duck is much more important. Your little duck must be able to run, swim, climb, and fly so he is ready enough to battle against other ducks in competitions. There will be certain times to buy seeds so your duck can eat to gather strength and energy. Duck Life 2 provides two types of seed that you are allowed to buy, namely purple seed and normal seed. Both of them are expensive but sure the purple seed is more. To increase your duck’s energy up to three times, the purple seed is an excellent choice.

Duck Life 2 offers several places to race, which all of them are found around the world. Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii, and Japan are the exact places to have the world championships! Each place holds the world competitions to be your best chance to increase and improve your duck’s level limit. And Japan is the biggest and final race. You have to win this competition in order to achieve loads of secret mystery prizes.


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