Duck Life 7


  • Control flight

    Use rockets


Duck Life 7 is the continuation of the previous game and it bring more fun than before. The game play is still the same. You need to make your character fly further and higher. However, there are many other challenges that you have to beat to get more bonuses.

First, there is slight change on this game. The graphic is even better than before. So, it will please your eyes. The game play is similar, but, now there is the angle detector on the bottom right corner of the screen. This way, you can easily adjust the right angle for your character, so, it can fly further. It’s very useful when you use glider.

duck life 7

The challenge is the other new feature. It’s interesting. The previous game, you have to beat the challenge like flying at some distance or heights. But, in this game, you won’t get only that challenge. You also get challenge to destroy the obstacle, like snowman and other. This is really good, because you can see get different experience. You are not only trying to make your duck fly, but also beat the enemy. The upgrade shop has more things than before. It’s cool. You can even get weapon, new type of glider and many more. This will make you easy to know and adjust the right setting to beat the challenge or stage. More than that, this game is also equipped with quite complete help page, which make you easier to play it, especially if this is your first time.

We can say this is simple game. But, once you play it, you will know how fun this game really is. You also can play it through your Smartphone. That means whenever or wherever you want to try to make this funny duck fly, you can just do it.


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  1. Adam Garcia says:

    Stupid ad keeps me from playing the game because it wont let me x it ou.

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