duck life 3

Duck Life

Players can use mini-games to train their duck, test the duck’s ability by placing him on a race or buying the new gear, or pick from various options available on the shop, starting from a new hat to an egg to form a new duck.

Duck Life 2 8

Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 offers several places to race, which all of them are found around the world. Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii, and Japan are the exact places to have the world championships!

duck life 3 6

Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 provides the Advanced and Professional levels, but if you haven’t reached a certain level yet, these levels are locked.

duck life 4 24

Duck Life 4

Every training stage consists of 4 different mini games. You must finish and beat the mini games to get ability booster. However, it will get more difficult along within the time you play the mini games.

duck life 5 2

Duck Life 5

You can buy new stronger pet, accessories and other thing to add more ability into your duck. This way, you can easily beat the dungeon and your opponent.

duck life 6 1

Duck Life 6

Duck Life 6 is the game where you have to make this bird fly further and higher. It’s simple concept actually, but quite surprisingly, it’s addictive.

duck life 7 2

Duck Life 7

Duck Life 7 is the continuation of the previous game and it bring more fun than before. You need to make your character fly further and higher.

duck life 8 5

Duck Life 8

Duck Life 8 is about jumping higher. You don’t need to a ramp to fly. Just a coil or maybe explosive. Put it on the bottom part of your duck and fly away.

duck life treasure hunt 1

Duck Life: Treasure Hunt

You need to explore the dungeon with your magical pet to find treasure and beat your opponent, the other treasure hunter.

duck life evolution 0

Duck Life: Evolution

Duck Life: Evolution is actually fun game; regardless the simple graphic and game play. You need to beat the mini games to improve your duck ability.

duck life space 5

Duck Life: Space

Prepare to go galactic in the biggest Duck Life adventure ever! It is a peaceful day on Earth. You are enjoying your fame and fortune being the world duck racing champion.

duck life 1 0

Duck Life 1

To keep the duck’s strength and ability, you need to train him besides giving foods. The training involves running, swimming, and flying.